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June 2015

Tom Mann, Vice President NCC-TU

The next meeting will be on October 14, 2015. 

The Trout Unlimited Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting was held last weekend. The Mid-Atlantic Council served as host. According to Don Haynes, MAC Chair, it was a very successful conference with attendees from New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland as well as TU staff from DC headquarters, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Hampshire North Carolina, and Maine.  Don gave special thanks to several MAC members who contributed to the success of the meeting, including NCCTU's George Gaines.  You will find a presentation by Scott Scarfone on MDTU’s Brook Trout Partnership for the Upper Gunpowder River especially interesting.  Click on this link to read about the project:  MDTU Brook Trout Conservation_6_6_15.pdf 

PPTU BBQ Fundraiser June 21st:

Our sister chapter’s annual fundraiser event will take place at Centennial Lake in Columbia, MD from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. BBQ dinner will be provided by Famous Dave’s. This is a family event, so bring them along and enjoy a day on the lake. PPTU hopes you participate in the fundraiser BBQ.  Raffle prizes include trip for two to West Bank Angler, and guided fishing days with Mike Heck, and with James Harris of Beaver Creek Fly Shop. 

Directions and more info is on PPTU's website: http://pptu.org/BBQ/BBQ.shtml

Unlimited's work helps enhance the quality of the fishing we enjoy in North America's public waters, something of which we can all be proud.   

Tight Lines, 



I had the opportunity to go trout fishing in Scotland last week, taking a personal day during a weeklong trip to Edinburgh with my wife and two friends.  I took a bus an hour and twenty minutes south to Galashiels, where I met my guide, Ken.  The rolling countryside was bright green, sheep and cattle grazed on the hillsides, and I even saw a deer, a rare sight in Europe.  Sheep outnumber the human residents in Scotland by nearly four to one.  Instead of the golden wheat fields in France, there were green fields of young barley, the main ingredient in single malt whisky.    

A short ride from Galashiels, we entered the valley of the River Tweed, drove through several gates, parked by a fisherman's hut, and donned waders and rain jackets during a brief downpour, a harbinger of the day's weather.  While rural, this was not a pristine wilderness--a highway was visible on the hillside across the river.  The River Tweed flows west to east, as did a strong westerly wind gusting up to 40 mph.  

The stream was 90 feet across, blanketed with a prolific hatch of large tan mayfly duns.  A few fish rose sporadically about ten feet off the far bank, reachable with a 60 foot cast that could give a short float before the fly dragged or the wind blew it off target.  Ken was not encouraging since the fish had clearly stuffed themselves on the thousands of flies drifting over their heads. The wind gusted, and rain pelted us for a few minutes several times during the day.  In over four hours I managed to catch one small salmon and a decent sized brown trout, the latter on a "Kite's Imperial" fly I tied myself.  Nevertheless, I have to consider the day a success, if humbling, given the difficult conditions.

​Most of the fishing in the United Kingdom is in private waters, which makes me feel thankful for the great public fishing access we enjoy in the US.  Trout

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The fall 2015 steelhead trip is scheduled for next November 21 & 22. The cost is $640 which includes lodging and guides with tip. We eat meals out.
Last year was terrific. Everybody caught multiple fish. There’s only room for six and we need a $100 deposit. It’s about a five hour drive, but as you can see, the fish are big:


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