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November 2014

Nick Miller, President NCC-TU

November 12, 2014:

Kevin Anderson, National TU program coordinator, on “The History and Status of the Birch Run Project,” Conococheague Creek, PA.
Meetings start with social time at 7:15p, and the programs begin at 8:00p. See "Meetings" page for more information.
The National Capital Chapter of Trout Unlimited (NCC-TU) is a non-profit organization
established to protect, enhance, and restore coldwater fishing resources of North America,
particularly those in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Each Spring, the Chapter publishes email reports on the status of the shad run in the area, particular as it develops on the Potomac River at Fletcher's Cove in DC.  These reports are emailed only to those requesting them. If you wish to receive these reports and did NOT receive them last year, send an email from the address you want us to use to contact@ncc-tu.org with "SHAD" in the subject line.

No need to re-subscribe if you received these reports in 2014; you are already subscribed. Nine reports were emailed to subscribers this year, the last dated May 27, 2014.    
This month inaugurates this regular column. Last month, Frank Smith and I posted a letter to the website explaining the Board’s decision to cease production of the National Capital Angling Show.  
The NCC-TU Board seeks to reinvigorate the Chapter itself and start activities and get-togethers that serve our chapter members.  We are reaching out to include our members in activities they want and need.

Essential to this Chapter redirection is your individual participation in the Chapter Survey.  You have received by US Mail a copy of the survey, and our voluntary financial contribution form.  PLEASE FILL OUT AND RETURN THE QUESTIONNAIRE.

The survey is also on-line at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FJ6975V
  if you prefer to respond electronically. The survey will answer two questions:  How can the chapter better serve you?  How can you help the chapter?

Please complete the survey and consider making a contribution by using the PayPal button below.
Thank you.

Tight Lines,
​Nick Miller


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             If you enter the TU Photo Contest:

Send a copy to our Facebook Page:

Trout Unlimited-National Capital Chapter :​ https://www.facebook.com/groups/152575078393/

Kathy Franzel caught this 35 inch, 19 pound striper on October 27 with Captain Mike Critzer of Coastal Fly Fishing out of Kent Narrows on Chesapeake Bay. 

DECEMBER 6, 3:00-6:00 pm

Glen Echo, MD

Buy your tickets now......

Getting a case of the winter doldrums?  Join your fishing friends and meet some new fishing companions for a rollicking good time celebrating the holidays and the end of year.

Have supper, chat with fishing experts and have a chance to win a nifty door prize, all included in the $35.00 ticket price.

Jeff Lewatowski, who guides on the Gunpowder and Chesapeake Bay, will be our guest speaker. ​He will talk briefly about his guiding on the these waters. As a raffle prize, Jeff is donating a half-day on the Gunpowder for two anglers which has a value of $325. Watch this column for updated information.

How Many Tickets?

Want To Help Preserve Our Coldwater Fisheries?
Interest Young People in Keeping Our Streams Healthy?

If so, how about volunteering to help Trout in the Classroom (TIC)? It’s a fun program in which YOU can make a difference. TIC operates in more than 80 schools in ten Maryland counties and DC. This school year more than 3,000 students will receive and incubate fertilized Kamloops rainbow trout eggs, hatch and raise the trout in their classroom aquariums and then release the fingerlings into local streams.

Through TIC they learn to appreciate the importance of cold clean water and environmental stewardship. Volunteers are needed to take part in any or all of the following activities:    

Get free training in how to set up and maintain a school aquarium, raise trout and keep them healthy;  Deliver trout eggs and trout food to all TIC schools on January 9, 2015;  Help mainly first-time TIC teachers in case of hatchling-threatening emergencies during the school year; occasionally visit local TIC schools to interact with teachers and students about such as coldwater conservation and watershed issues, trout life and angling;  Join student field trips in the spring to release TIC fingerlings, mainly by demonstrating fly tying, giving basic casting instruction and helping students seine the streams to identify bugs and critters the trout will feed on.
Remember, many employers permit community service time for help to programs including Trout in the Classroom. To volunteer, please send relevant info to: jgreene@waterwisp.com

To register for the December 6 workshop,  please go to: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=y4qd9aiab&oeidk=a07ea3kx68nadfd5774

"The Big Tuna" from the ​November 7-9 Steelhead Trip: