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Volunteers Needed:  

We seriously need people to serve on NCC-TU's board of directors and committees next year.  Please contact Tom Mann if you want to serve.


Ready for Outings?

This season, starting in May, we will have outings to many of our favorite fishing venues in the mid-Atlantic region, including day trips for Smallmouth in the Shenandoah, trout in the Gunpowder, Big Hunting Creek, Shenandoah Park streams, Big Spring and the Yellow Breeches. Overnights will include brook trout fishing near Graves Mountain Lodge, VA, and late fall steelhead at Elk Creek, PA. We want your suggestions and requests for outings, and we will do our best to make them happen.  Contact John Graebner with suggestions or phone him at 202-251-0479.

A Fish Tale

I spend most of the summer in France with my wife from whence this fish story is being dispatched into cyberspace.  But before I left the US, I was lucky enough to join John and Douglas Graebner and Scott Thayer on our May 7 outing to Big Hunting Creek.  It had rained hard during the preceding days, and the water looked too high and fast when we met up at the Catoctin Park Visitors Center.  I wasn't sure it was even fishable, but we suited up and splashed down to the creek through a series of rills running off the side of the hill.  The skunk cabbage was just opening up.  

After an hour of fruitless experimentation with one method after another, I finally tried flipping a weighted Prince nymph and letting it swing down into the deepest holes and caught a couple of trout. But that was it.

In the afternoon, we drove up to Fishing Creek, the next significant stream flowing off the Catoctin Mountains.  This wild brookie stream is much smaller than Big Hunting, and we were reduced to making short casts into tight quarters.  After a slow start, a sparse hatch of size 16 Yellow Sally stoneflies (Isoperla bilineata) appeared.  In my long experience as a fisher of trout, they always go for those little bugs. Like magic, we suddenly caught a lot of trout, including ten in a row out of a brush-shrouded hole barely larger than a 9x12 rug.  This is what it's all about.  We all went home happy.

I hope everyone gets to do some good fishing this summer.  Bonne pêche à tout le monde.

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