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December 2014

Nick Miller, President NCC-TU

January 14, 2015:

Gene Macri, aquatic biologist and fishing guide, on “The Big Spring (PA) Rehabilitation."  
Meetings start with social time at 7:15p, and the programs begin at 8:00p. See "Meetings" page for more information.
The National Capital Chapter of Trout Unlimited (NCC-TU) is a non-profit organization
established to protect, enhance, and restore coldwater fishing resources of North America,
particularly those in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Each Spring, the Chapter publishes email reports on the status of the shad run in the area, particular as it develops on the Potomac River at Fletcher's Cove in DC.  These reports are emailed only to those requesting them. If you wish to receive these reports and did NOT receive them last year, send an email from the address you want us to use to contact@ncc-tu.org with "SHAD" in the subject line.

No need to re-subscribe if you received these reports in 2014; you are already subscribed. Nine reports were emailed to subscribers this year, the last dated May 27, 2014.    

Updated 13 Dec 2014 by TOM 

Kathy Franzel caught this 35 inch, 19 pound striper on October 27 with Captain Mike Critzer of Coastal Fly Fishing out of Kent Narrows on Chesapeake Bay. 

"The Big Tuna" from the ​November Steelhead Trip:

Shown Above: Big Spring Vista, 18" Big Spring Brookie caught by Tom Baltz, May 2014


Dec. 17, 6:30p


The National Park Service (NPS), Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park, is hosting a public meeting regarding Fletchers Cove river access, Wednesday, December 17, 2014 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at the NPS National Capital Region Headquarters located at 1100 Ohio Drive, SW, Washington, DC, 20242.  The meeting will address both interim and long term proposals.   
Mark Binsted, NCC-TU Board Member and author of our Shad Reports will represent the NCC-TU Chapter. This public meeting is a direct result of NCC-TU members and subscribers to the Shad Report actions this last week.  Please continue your  strong support to the ad hoc Coalition of organizations working toward a solution and plan to attend the public meeting if you can.
Nick Miller, President
National Capital Chapter Trout Unlimited.
December 14, 2014.

The Big News is Fletcher’s Boat Dock has been condemned by the National Park Service (NPS).  For reasons discussed elsewhere on this website, NPS declared the ramp of the Fletcher’s Cove dock unsafe.  This means no boats can access the Potomac from Fletcher’s Cove until an alternative is developed.  Without boats, the Shad fishing season is threatened in 2015.The National Capital Chapter of Trout Unlimited, under the leadership of our Shad Blogger and  Board Member, Mark Binsted, is working hard to get a solution in place before the start of the Shad Run in early Spring 2015.  Many different groups and individuals have come together in an ad hoc coalition to work with the NPS.
You may have seen the story in the Washington Post December 12:
You can help:
1.  Sign the Statement of Concern online (see Awareness Statement link in the next column).
2. Attend the NPS Public Hearing currently scheduled for  Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at NPS National Capital Region Headquarters,  1100 Ohio Drive SW, Washington D.C. 20242 and support the statements of Mark Binsted and other coalition members. 
​3.  Alert others and encourage individuals and groups to sign the statement of concern and to join the coalition.
Together, we can work with the NPS to find a temporary solution in time for the 2015 Shad Run, and a longer run permanent solution.  We all need to avoid the threatened loss of public access to the Potomac from Fletcher’s Cove. Thanks.
Tight Lines,
Nick Miller
​PS:  Please remember to make your annual voluntary contribution to the Chapter.  Either mail a check to NCC-TU, PO Box 42291, Washington DC 20015-0891; or go to PayPal and make a payment to National Capital Chapter Trout Unlimited.

Please spread the word and act NOW to save Potomac river access at Fletcher's Cove.